Have a great idea that is need of funding?

St Anne’s new crowdfunding platform empowers our students to pursue their passions and enhance our community through creative and innovative projects. Through the platform, they can directly connect with people who are keen to support their efforts and ambitions, and become a part of their success. It also provides a way for alumnae and friends of the College to come together and support student-led initiatives that particularly appeal to them.

If you support a project, you will automatically receive updates about it. You can also interact directly with the team behind the project by leaving a comment or sending a message.

What kinds of projects are suitable?

Projects can be about almost anything! They should focus on the benefit they will provide to students, the College or the wider community. Projects could be expeditions, choir tours, welfare initiatives, sports clubs tours or equipment needs – the possibilities are endless! There are a few rules – check our guidelines here to make sure your project is suitable.

Crowdfunding can be fast, efficient and effective when done right but project success depends on you. The more dedicated, creative and organised you and your team are, the more successful your project is likely to be, and the more fun you will have!

Not sure if crowdfunding is right for you? Get in touch with development@st-annes.ox.ac.uk.