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Doing more with our waste


About one third of food produced in the world is lost or wasted. That’s a lot of food! At St Anne’s, food waste is not separated from general waste and it all goes into landfill. This is costly in three ways:

  1. The cost of disposal: College has to pay to dispose of waste, and due to an upcoming change in our waste management contract, we will have to pay more to send waste to landfill.

  2. The cost of putting organic waste in landfill: When organic waste breaks down in landfill, it produces methane (a potent greenhouse gas), and the byproducts, if not managed carefully, can contaminate water supply.

  3. The opportunity cost: Organic waste, instead of just rotting in landfill, can be used for composting, returning nutrients to the soil and contributing to the beauty of our grounds.

Why not do something to manage our food waste, mitigate these costs and reduce our environmental impact? Your contribution will go towards purchasing two HotBin compost bins, composting accessories, kitchen caddies and liners. One HotBin will be used by the kitchen staff for kitchen scraps, and the other for scraps from accommodation kitchen(s) and the buttery; the compost generated will then be used for the upkeep of the greenery on college grounds.

St Anne’s has never been afraid to try new things. Our boldness is as a college sets us apart. Together, we can do more with our waste.

Thank you for your support!

Where will the money go?

  • HotBin 200 Litre Compost Bin: £179 x 2
  • 5 Litre Green Kitchen Caddy: £5 x 3
  • Caddy Liners (Small): £3 x 6
  • Compost Aerator: £8 x 2
  • Be Green 500ml Compost Maker: £6.95
  • Bokashi Bran 3kg: £14 x 2


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